Founded by respected and recognized Endocrinologists, Dr K M Prasanna Kumar and Dr Sanjay Reddy, CDEC is Karnataka's foremost center for patient care and research in the field of Diabetes and Endocrinology.


CDEC provides comprehensive Diabetes care to patients by offering the following services:

  • Consultation by senior Endocrinologist
  • Electronic Medical Records (EMR) with e-consultation 
  • Diagnostic care with state of art facilities
  • Diet counseling
  • Eye clinic
  • Foot clinic
  • Education of patients on diabetes and self monitoring
  • Monitoring other target organs affected by Diabetes during check up.

A trained and qualified podiatrist in CDEC's Foot Clinic will examine and assess the feet of diabetic patients. Education on foot-care as well as pedicure services are also provided.

Along with our diabetes care, we also have a Thyroid clinic that helps you monitor your thyroid in on a regular basis with thyroid function tests and thyroid antibody tests carried out in consultation with our senior Endocrinologist.

CDEC's Obesity Clinic provides a detailed work up of obesity from thyroid function tests, adrenal and pituitary hormone tests, lipid (Fat) profile and Body Fat analysis, as well as

  • Professional advice from a dietician
  • Counseling on lifestyle modification such as exercise and stress management.

For children of short stature and poor growth rate, the Growth Clinic periodically measures height with a stadiometer, growth hormone tests as well as growth hormone therapy.

The Eye Clinic has the following offerings

  • an examination for the refraction of the eye (i.e. problems of reading and vision)
  • a Slit-lamp examination of the anterior chamber of the eye
  • examination of intra-ocular pressure (glaucoma clinic)
  • Diabetic Retinopathy and its problem in the eye (Fundus examination).



Our Pharmacy focuses on medication for Diabetes and all Endocrine diseases and is stocked with glucometers, strips, syringes, insulin and dietary supplements. The Pharmacy also carries general medicines as well as MCR Diabetic Footwear.

Our in house laboratory is manned by well trained technicians and equipped with 12 Channel BPL Electrocardiogram Machine, COBAS-C111 analyser and a sysmex Coulter-Counter and are able to provide patients with a detailed blood and urine analysis.


Dr K M Prasanna Kumar
Seninor Endocrinologist


Dr Sanjay Reddy



Associates & Staff

Shubha V.

Mallik Arjun

Suma Reddy

Dr Sribhargava Natesh


Center For Diabetes & Endocrine Care

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Hours : Mon to Sat - 7:30am to 7:00pm
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